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New Year, New Studio

The end of last year was a whirlwind!

In early October, we moved in to our new home.

On October 15, I had a baby!

Felix James. 7lbs 10 oz.

*Burrito Baby*


And since then has just been a mess of diapers, laundry, baby spit up and doctors visits, along with the best cuddles, smiles, and giggles.

I have been trying to get outside to get my studio set back up for about two

months. It seems like when I do get the time away from Felix, it snows or ices. I have no heat yet in my studio (so all my clay and glazes are being stored in my house, yippee), so I can't take baby out there with me yet. But its okay, because I know Spring will be here soon. I will be so inspired by the by the possibilities: fresh yard and garden, clean house, new studio. I will be busy like the bees. :)


*Looking Ahead*

As Spring gets closer, things speed up around here. Studio, baby, taxes, shows, work! Its going to be so exciting. After a very needed, long, restful (as restful it can be with a newborn? haha) winter, my brain and bones are aching for the sun and warm weather.

I am starting to apply for various shows, most of them in the tri-state area. My goal is to make sure I have at least one a month. I also love the idea of having a show at my home.

Looking out my studio door.

Inside, before anything being in it.

My backyard, looking towards the studio.

Crape Myrtle.

*so much potential*

My bigger goals for this year are to be a part of the Allegany County Artist Studio tours and to vend at the Bedford Fall Foliage festival.

If things are going smoothly, I may open myself up for pottery lessons, if I have anyone interested!


"In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move."

Henry Rollins

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