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Hello, you beautiful humans! 2021 is starting to get busier. More people out, more events, and more fun. The two events I have been out so far have been wonderful. Busy but safe! It’s been so nice seeing friends and family that I haven’t seen in almost a year (or more.)

Felix is now 2 1/2 years old and little Duncan is 7 months old. It’s definitely been a huge change for me going from one child to two. I was expecting it to be hard, but definitely not this hard. Also with the lack of available infant daycare in the area, it’s definitely been....interesting trying to work in my studio while having Duncan in there with me. Felix goes to daycare three days a week which is great. He loves to play with his friends.

something I have definitely learned, however, is that you just got to start doing what you can and chug along even if it’s slow paced. ( or what feels like slow pace to you 😂)

I have updated my website to include the upcoming shows that I have Going on.

Also in the next couple weeks I will be starting my one on one lessons at my home studio in Cumberland. In the works is also going to be single sessions where one can come and just explore clay, Just a little dip your toe in it kind of thing. At first, I’m only gonna have a few available openings, so it’s “first come first serve.” Like I said these are gonna be one on one lessons, and masks must be worn the whole time. I am fully vaccinated, but this is still just going to be a mandate that I have until the statewide indoor Mandate is changed. My studio will also be cleaned with the proper products in between each client. Please check the classes tab for further information about this.


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