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Wow! So much has changed since my last blog post! And also, looking back at previous blogs, I have come such a way since 🙌🏻

Felix is 3.5, and Duncan is 18 months. So much learning and playing and tantrums 🤣 Three had been the hardest. When people say "oh it gets easier (during the newborn stage)".... It does until about three and a couple months, terrible twos weren't a thing for us... But three has been three most challenging thus far. My husband, joe, is still being the ever supportive partner. Always pushing me towards my dream. 🥰 He works extra hours at work, and we are both on very tight spending so I can get this dream "off the ground." Team work 🙌🏻

Storybook Trail, Luray, VA

Shop Update

The pop up we did this winter went very well. Meggin and I decided we love downtown so much, we want to stay with our own space and store!

Our new space will be at 74 Baltimore St. Opening in spring '22!

We plan to have a wonderful retail space, filled with pottery, sewn goods, and work from local artists. The back of the store will host our workspace, where we will have classes and workshops of all kinds.

We have this idea of a tea night where people can come and bounce ideas, or just come to drink tea and chat.

I have been co-hosting a "pyo night" with the 1812 Brewery, which had been going well so far. I'd like to have a small section in the store where people can drop in, and have a little fun with painting pottery. It's a great way to get creative! I'll be working on what this section consists of over the next couple weeks. It will be small, because it's not my main goal to be a pyo studio, but I'd like to offer it! I love seeing how's creative people can be 😄 I may do some themed nights.

Our first month open will be a "soft opening", where we take it slow and get things in the proper gears. We will have a "grand opening" within the welded after.


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