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Well, our huge pecan tree fell down, covering our entire backyard. Thankfully, it missed our house and my studio, but it did smash all our patio furniture, my garden, and my shed the contained my kiln.

As I was planning on starting my maternity leave soon anyway (My due date is August 31), this is a good time to just not worry and get everything settled with the insurance company. If the AAC decides to go ahead with the Arts Tour, I will most likely not be participating. My plan was to start back up actually working in my studio after my "maternity leave", but now the new plan is to have to rebuild the shed and fix any issues with the electric to get my kiln working properly.

My goal is to have everything up and running (again for the millionth time and reason it seems!) by the end of October. I would love to have some work ready for the holidays. Of course, this all depends on how the electric work goes, what insurance covers, and most importantly, how the birth and postpartum leave goes.

I dream of being back working in my studio. Soon!

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